Processed Glass Aggregate: Recycling Glass Saves Money and the Environment

NRRA has provided for decades an option for crushing glass bottles and jars, plus additional glass-like materials in New Hampshire, into processed glass aggregate to be used in infrastructure projects in the place of sand and gravel.  NRRA currently has consolidation sites in New Hampshire and Massachusetts where NRRA members can bring their glass for recycling. Once a host site collects approximately 1,000 tons of glass from its contributing communities, a mobile glass crusher is brought to the site to turn the recycled glass into processed glass aggregate.

NRRA Green Cone Solar Digester Setup

Join NRRA as we set up a Green Cone Solar Digester in a residential yard to accept food scraps from the kitchen!


Green Cone Solar Digester Setup

NRRA Composting Through the Seasons

Composting during the summer months is easy, but what about composting the rest of the year? Join NRRA Education Manager, Heather Herring, as she explores composting through the seasons in your own backyard.

NRRA Composting Through the Seasons


Tuck Your Worms in at Night: Subpod Food Scrap Composting Setup Video

Keene, NH asked NRRA to research two food scrap composting systems in order to reduce the weight that is going into MSW (Municipal Solid Waste). Heather Herring created a video to show how she set up a Subpod composting system using worms in her yard to test the ease of setup, use, and amount of material she can keep out of the landfill. NRRA would love to work with organizations, schools, or restaurants in the Keene area using food scrap composting systems. Stay tuned for more as this project continues and for more videos!

Using Processed Glass Aggregate at Parsons Marsh Trail

Parsons Marsh Trail in Lenox, Massachusetts is a fully accessible trail managed by the Berkshire Natural Resources Council.  The trail was designed and built by Peter Jensen & Associates in 2018 to meet U.S.

Science Cafe New Hampshire: Recycling and Waste Management

How much of New England's recyclables and waste are sent offshore to China? What are the challenges with dealing with other outside countries? NRRA Executive Director Reagan Bissonnette joined Science Cafe Nashua as a panelist to discuss questions about recycling and waste management. 

How Does NRRA’s Glass Recycling Vendor Process Glass?

The food grade glass jars and bottles that NRRA's member collect and send to 2M Ressources in Canada are cleaned, crushed, and brought back to the United States to be made into fiberglass insulation.  Watch the video to learn more!

PGA - Crushing Glass in New London, NH

Glass crushing equipment in action at the New London, NH facility.

What is Processed Glass Aggregate?

It's hard to imagine, but glass is made from sand, a high quality sand, called silica. It's mind, cleaned, melted and then molded, into any number of products. From one of a kind works of art to everyday products, such as bottles. In our throwaway society, many of the glass bottles we use are discarded after just one use, less material and not chemically harmful to the environment. It's nevertheless an inefficient use of resources to put energy and materials into making bottles or use just one time. Glass recycling programs turn bottles back into bottles, are popula

NRRA Glass Host Site in Dennis, MA

The Town of Dennis, MA is a member of NRRA and a host site for one of NRRA's host sites for processed glass aggregate (PGA).  This video explains how this PGA site was established, how the glass is crushed into aggregate, and how the material can be used in local road and infrastructure projects.