Recycle Right Campaign Final Presentation

The Recycle Right campaign is a valuable and free educational service NRRA is providing to all member communities, but is especially designed for small source-separated New Hampshire towns. While other Recycle Right campaigns do exist, they focus primarily on single-stream recycling that is typically found in larger towns and cities in New Hampshire. Source separated recycling has some unique aspects that our Recycle Right campaign will address.

Solid Waste Advisory Team (SWAT) Final Presentation

In the spring of 2022, teams of experienced solid waste operator mentors and NRRA staff launched Solid Waste Advisory Teams to provide free, hands-on technical assistance and solid waste facility evaluations for qualified New Hampshire communities. Towns participating in the SWAT Program received short and long-term recommendations to improve their solid waste planning and management.

3rd Ask Me Anything: Recycling - Online Event

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Our final Ask Me Anything: Recycling Edition event was full of more helpful insights into recycling. Our panel of recycling experts answer audience-submitted questions about recycling.

Ask Me Anything: Conference Workshop & Event

The following presentation was given at NRRA's 2022 Recycling Conference & Expo.

Have you ever wished you could ask all of your recycling questions to a panel of experts? Now is your chance! We will answer questions such as - what do those chasing arrows mean? Do egg cartons get recycled with paper or cardboard? Is recycling even worth it? This Ask Me Anything panel will answer ALL your pressing questions - from basic to expert - about recycling in New England.

Ask Me Anything: Recycling Edition Digital Event

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Our first Ask Me Anything: Recycling Edition event was a hit! Tune in as our panel of recycling experts answer audience-submitted questions about recycling. From the basics (What is recycling contamination?), to the nitty-gritty (Can mayonnaise jars be recycled? Where do egg cartons go?).

NRRA MOM Meeting Special Presentation: USDA Community Facility Loan and Grant Program

USDA Grant Area Director, Jon-Michael Muise spoke at NRRA's January MOM meeting. We have provided a recording of that presentation and accompanying slides here. This program provides loans and grant opportunities for municipal equipment, containers or building funds as part of the Community Facility Loan and Grant Program.

Recycling in NH: State of Recycling Markets

You have likely heard about the supposed death of recycling in recent years.  But have you heard that recycling has been thriving in recent months, in part due to the pandemic?  NRRA staff presented virtually at the NH Municipal Association's 80th Annual Conference on November 18, 2021 about the economics of the current recycling markets and the resulting impacts on New Hampshire community solid waste budgets.  As shown in the below slides, communities with source separated recycling are generating far more revenue than a year ago from the sale of their recyclables.  Ove

Understanding Recycling Markets & Practical Tips

Reagan Bissonnette and Bonnie Bethune of NRRA presented for a 3-hour NHDES sponsored workshop on understanding recycling markets and practical recycling tips for municipalities. The first part of the workshop covered why recycling matters, material specifications and markets for recyclables, and common end markets for recyclables. The second part of the workshop covered practical recycling tips, such as creative storage options for recyclables at municipal facilities, baling versus loose recyclables, and answering resident questions.

NRRA "Recycling with Results" 2021 Conference Day Two

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Over 185 presenters and attendees from New England and beyond participated in the Northeast Resource Recovery Association's (NRRA) virtual "Recycling with Results" Conference on May 10-11, 2021.   The conference featured six key topics currently faced by the municipal solid waste and recycling industry. NHDES solid waste operator continuing education credits are available for each recorded hour watched. Please contact to receive your certificate for hours.