Compost Products - Individual Items for Sale

Individual Composting & Rainwater Collection Products Available!

NRRA has these items available (limited inventory) for sale to make composting and rainwater collection at home a breeze! Fill out the quick form (button below) to see if we have items in stock.

  • Compost Bins - $68.00
  • Rain Barrels - $72.00
  • Kitchen Pails - $11.00
  • Compost Turners - $27.00

Request Compost Items!

Please note, we cannot ship these items and they must be picked up at our office in Epsom, NH.

We can only accept checks or cash for payment methods. Thank you.

These items are for individual sale and located at our office in Epsom, NH. To purchase, please email us at: or call: (603) 736-4401 to arrange a pick-up date and time. NO WALK-IN ORDERS due to the hybrid-work nature of our organization, as well as the limited quantity of these items. Thank you for your cooperation!

Again, please speak with a staff member before arriving at our office, as we have limited quantities of each item.

If your municipality is interested in participating in our Biennial Spring Compost Bin & Rain Barrel Sale, please visit our biennial compost bin sale page for more information!