Bills of Lading (BOLs)


BOL’s are a critical part of our work here at the Finance Department. It is vital for our Members to send NRRA a completed Bill of Lading for each shipment of material sent through NRRA.


What is a Bill of Lading and why is it so important?

A Bill of Lading is the form completed by the shipper of goods (the Member), which lists and acknowledges the receipt of those goods for transport by the vendor or hauler. This is your receipt for Member owned material being shipped off Town property. We use this to verify the date of shipment, who is transporting the commodity (Shipper/Hauler), the type of Commodity, how much, and how it was sent. Bale counts are exceedingly important, as they assist Member Services with quotes. They are also used to assist NRRA in resolving any discrepancies regarding shipment details and verification. All this information, including a copy of your BOL, is put into NRRA’s database and assigned a unique release number.  This is how we track all information pertinent to each shipment.


How do I fill one out?  

This part is easy.  Once the goods are ready or loaded for transport, fill out the Bill of Lading of your choosing, keep one copy for your records, and provide one copy to the shipper/hauler/truck driver to sign. Most haulers require a Bill of Lading for them to haul any commodity.   Be sure to send a copy to NRRA as soon as the shipment is complete (see where to send it below).


Where do I get a Bill of Lading form?

You can download this one right to your computer and either fill it out as you need it or print some off! 

Writable Bill of Lading


Where do I send the copy of my Bill of Lading?

Send all of your Bills of Lading to:  You can also fax them to: 603-736-4402. 


Thanks for helping us to help you by sending in your bills of lading!