Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative Purchasing is a benefit NRRA provides our members.  By buying in bulk, we're able to pass the cost-savings on. 

Cooperative purchasing programs include:

At-Home Composting Products - Now Available!

NRRA has these items available for sale to make composting at home a breeze:

  • Compost Bins - $68.00
  • Rain Barrels - $72.00
  • Kitchen Pails - $11.00
  • Compost Turners - $27.00

Please call or email our offices to place an order (preorder required) Contact us at: (603) 736-4401 or NO WALK-IN ORDERS ACCEPTED! We accept cash or check for payment. Items are for individual sale and located at our office in Epsom, NH - local pickup only, shipping is NOT available. 

Transfer Station Items

If you are interested in purchasing baling wire, gripples, strapping and/or clips in our next order, please reach out to Member Services at or (603) 736-4401.

Transfer Station Storage

If you are interested in purchasing storage containers or trailers, please reach out to Member Services at or (603) 736-4401. 


NRRA works with Mills Industries in Laconia NH who custom-makes black plastic gaylords for NRRA members. These lightweight, durable and long-lasting gaylords are great for storing recyclables such as plastics, aluminum, and steel cans prior to baling. They come with a lid, so they can be stacked, and are made of #5 polypropylene. 

For details, including testimonials, see our latest article: Keep Materials Clean with a GaylordIf interested in purchasing gaylords in our next order, reach out to Member Services at or (603) 736-4401.