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NRRA Executive Director, Reagan Bissonnette, and NRRA Board Member, Ben Hoy, were both in Austin, TX recently at the annual Resource Recycling Conference, a national conference dedicated to enhancing municipal recycling. Participating in this conference is one way NRRA strives to best support our 450+ municipal members with the most...Read more


We have all heard the expression, "What goes up, must come down." This is very true of the recycling commodity market.

At NRRA, we have begun to see a definite downward trend in pricing this month. More concerning, however, is that many of our most popular and well-trusted mills...Read more


The federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provides an unprecedented $375 million in funding for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop three new waste prevention, reuse, and recycling programs : (1) Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling Grant Program; (2) Recycling Education and Outreach Grant Program, Model Recycling Program Toolkit and...Read more