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Cooperative Purchasing Program – Black Plastic Gaylords NRRA works with Mills Industries in Laconia NH who custom-makes black plastic gaylords for NRRA members.

These lightweight, durable and long-lasting gaylords are great for storing recyclables such as plastics, aluminum, and steel cans prior to baling.

They...Read more

Do you have a load of recycling ready for the end of the month? It may be in your best interest to hold it for a bit.

If your municipality markets their baled materials such as mixed paper and cardboard (also known in the industry as "fibers"), plastics, steel, and...Read more

On February 15, Executive Director, Reagan Bissonnette, and Communications Manager, Andrea Folsom, headed to Boston for a celebration of U.S. EPA - New England Region 1 Healthy Communities grants that were completed last year. We heard from nine grant recipient organizations covering everything from food waste, energy management, childhood lead...Read more