Education & Technical Assistance

Municipal officials and solid waste operators often have questions regarding recycling trends, proper processing techniques or market specifications, but are unsure where to call to get the correct answer.  NRRA assists its membership by acting as a one-stop clearinghouse of information. NRRA's Member Services Team can assist members with questions or call on its vast network of municipal and state recycling coordinators to find the correct answer.  Here are some ways our team can assist and support members.

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General Technical Assistance

Bi-Weekly Newsletter "Full of Scrap"

NRRA Member Email Listserv

General Technical Assistance:

  • Current market availability and pricing
  • Specifications for all materials
  • Existing  and new member program review
  • Information and specification sheets

Cooperative Marketing:

  • Marketing trailer loads of loose or baled material; non-ferrous items
  • Current market pricing for materials combined or separated
  • HHW Events and Material Pickup
  • Help with setting up or modifying contract
  • Learn more about Cooperative Marketing options

Cooperative Purchasing:

Bi-Weekly Newsletter:

Full of Scrap is a free bi-weekly newsletter.  We share information about NRRA's cooperative marketing and purchasing programs, recycling education, technical assistance, recycling and solid waste reduction and diversion news from around New England, classifieds, and more. SIGN UP for the full of scrap newsletter today! 

Email Listserv: 

Have you joined our email listserv yet? The listserv is a way for members to send an email to one email address and reach all of the NRRA members in the listserv group. All voting municipal members of NRRA are invited to join. 

Here are some examples of popular discussion topics previously shared on the NRRA listserv: 

  • Sharing wage information and hours for transfer station staff
  • Charges for demo/bulk material and how members handle private contractors
  • Status of swap shops re-opening
  • Systems for collecting fees, such as cash, check, credit cards, and online invoicing 
  • No picking policies 
  • Brush grinding and whether members own or rent a grinder or hire someone 

Join the listserv today to join these conversations and share information with fellow NRRA members! 

How To Use The NRRA Listserv:

  1. If you are a voting municipal member and would like to join, you can register using the  NRRAmember Sign Up Form below.

  2. If you are already signed up for the listserv, you can send an email to: This will reach EVERYONE on the list! If you are not a member of the listserv, the email will NOT be delivered and will instead only go to the listserv administrator (and most likely will be deleted). 

  3. TIP #1: When you receive an email on the listserv, decide whether your answer would help the WHOLE list or if it is a direct response to the person who initially emailed. If your reply would help everyone, then "reply all" to the email. If your reply is specific to the person who sent the original question, then choose "reply" to only email that one person.

  4. TIP #2: You can choose how you would like emails delivered - either one by one as they come in or in daily batches.