Customized Recycling Pamphlets

Ongoing resident education is an important part of any municipal recycling program. 

Recycling pamphlets that can be either handed out to patrons at your transfer station or recycling center or mailed to community residents are an effective tool for resident education. They can help educate new or short-term residents on the community's recycling program and act as a good reminder for long-term residents on what can be recycled. 
Recycling postcards and handouts are 8.5" by 5.5" so they can be printed two-per-sheet, double-sided to save paper.
Best part of all - these customized recycling pamphlets are free of charge for NRRA Members (yes, another NRRA membership benefit!)

Request a customized Recycling Pamphlet for your community by completing the request form below (or open the form in a new page)



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