Terms & Conditions

 Cooperative Marketing & Purchasing Terms & Conditions 

The Northeast Resource Recovery Association (heretofore "NRRA") offers cooperative marketing and purchasing programs for its voting municipal members ("Member"). Through these programs, NRRA connects Members with NRRA vendors ("Vendor"). The following terms and conditions explain the responsibilities and process for how NRRA handles logistics, pricing, and accounting for its cooperative marketing and purchasing programs.

By using any of these programs, Member agrees to the following terms and conditions:  


  1. Delivered Materials: The following applies when Member hires a third-party hauler to deliver materials to Vendor, or when Member delivers the materials themselves.  
    • If Member hires a third-party hauler to deliver Member’s materials to Vendor, Member shall make those arrangements directly with the third-party hauler before contacting the NRRA Logistics Staff to obtain the appropriate release number.  Member shall provide NRRA with the target delivery date for such material.  

    • If Member has its own means of delivery and will be delivering material to Vendor, Member shall contact the NRRA Logistics Staff one full business day prior to delivery to obtain a release number.
    • The delivering party, whether a third-party hauler or Member, must present the NRRA release number to Vendor and identify the load as an NRRA load upon delivery.

    • The delivering party, whether a third-party hauler or Member, shall be responsible for honoring the posted delivery hours at Vendor delivery location as well as all unloading policies and procedures. 

    • In the event the intended delivery date changes, Member shall promptly notify the NRRA Logistics Staff.   

  2. Material Pick-up and Container Swaps: The following applies when NRRA makes the arrangements for the pick-up of material or the swapping of containers for Member. 

    • Member shall submit all requests for release numbers and pick-ups to the NRRA Logistics Staff at least two business days in advance.  

    • NRRA shall schedule Member’s pick-up request as soon as possible with Vendor and establish a suitable pick-up date. NRRA shall then notify Member via email of the pick-up details. 

    • Member shall notify the NRRA Logistics Staff if a shipment does not take place as scheduled as soon as Member recognizes that the pick-up was missed.   

    • Member may be asked to provide access to its facility at times other than its normal schedule of operations to accommodate trucking availability. 

    • NRRA strongly recommends that Member meet the trucking provider on site for all transactions and to ensure a driver signature is obtained for each transaction. 

    • It is the sole responsibility of Member to ensure that: (1) baled materials are safely loaded onto Vendor’s trailer; (2) no more or no less than the agreed upon weight is added to the load; and (3) that the truck is loaded in a timely and efficient manner. 

    • It is the responsibility of Member to notify the NRRA Logistics Staff at least one business day prior to the scheduled pickup if they need to cancel or reschedule a pickup.  

  3. All Loads: The following applies to both delivered materials and material pick-up and container swaps.  

    • Member shall send completed Bills of Lading (BOL) to the NRRA Billing Staff within five calendar days of the transaction being completed.  

    • NRRA is not responsible for strikes, lockouts, delay of carrier, or other delays unavoidable or beyond its control. 

Pricing and Accounting 

  1. Pricing and Fees: All commodity pricing is subject to change based on the following conditions:

    • Actual market price on the date of pick-up or delivery will be used if different than quoted price on Member’s confirmation form.   

    • Member must meet minimum weight requirements or a change in quoted price could occur. 

    • Material provided by Member must meet Vendor specifications and be free of contamination. Downgrade in pricing and outright rejection due to contamination may result in additional costs to Member, including hauling charges from Member’s site to the final destination. 

    • If Vendor arrives on site and is unable to gain access to the facility, despite acceptable prior notification from NRRA to Member, Member may be charged a “Truck Not Used” fee by Vendor. 

    • If any loading operation takes longer than one hour, Member may be charged additional loading charges by Vendor. 

    • Scale weights from Vendor will be deemed final unless NRRA and Member agree prior to loading that Member bale weights or scale weights will be used. In no case may Member contest weight tickets without a Bill of Lading or Member scale ticket supplied to NRRA by Member, complete with Vendor’s driver signature, within 48 hours of shipment.   

    • In case of damage to Vendor’s equipment, Vendor and Member shall settle any costs between themselves. 

  2. Invoicing: 
    • NRRA will invoice Member upon receipt of scale tickets from Vendor.  Scale tickets must have release numbers to be valid.
    • For billing, all tonnage shall be calculated according to United States (US) industry standard of 2,000 pounds per ton (or 2,240 pounds for scrap metal and steel cans) and all billing will be based on the US dollar.

    • It is the responsibility of Member to review all NRRA invoices and reports upon receipt. If there are discrepancies or questions, Member must contact the NRRA Billing Staff within five business days of receipt of invoice or reports to make such discrepancies known. Otherwise, NRRA will expect payment in full on the invoiced amount within 30 calendar days.

    • Payments to NRRA shall be in US funds and drawn on a bank in the US. NRRA also accepts electronic transfer payments.

  3. Payments:
    • NRRA will process items for payment within 45 days of the pick-up date.  Payments will be made by check unless Member requests electronic ACH transfers to its bank account.

    • There may be times when payments are delayed slightly due to discrepancies or other load issues. In these cases, NRRA will work to resolve the issue as soon as possible to expedite payment. 

  4. Discrepancies:
    • Notwithstanding "Payments" section above, if Member later believes there is an error or has a question regarding weights, pricing, or any other issue with an invoice or payment, Member must contact the NRRA Billing Staff no later than within 90 days of the transaction date. NRRA will research the issue and make any appropriate adjustments if needed. No adjustments will be made after 90 days. 

  5. Membership Dues:
    • Member acknowledges that NRRA membership dues must be current and active to utilize NRRA’s services under this agreement.

    • If NRRA membership has lapsed, Member will be required to pay membership dues for the year in which services were rendered. 

Additional Terms and Conditions 

  1. Vendors:
    • Member understands and acknowledges that the success of NRRA’s cooperative marketing and purchasing model depends on Member working with NRRA directly to benefit from the relationships and preferred pricing NRRA has established with Vendors.

    • In the event Vendors receive requests for services directly from Member, Vendors will refer Member back to NRRA for service.  

  2. Ownership: Member acknowledges that NRRA...
    • is not the generator of nor the party disposing of any recyclable materials or solid waste;
    • is not the owner or operator of any solid waste facility; and
    • is at no time taking ownership of recyclable materials or solid waste. 

  3. Notice:
    • NRRA designates the following primary logistics and billing contacts, who shall serve as Participating Member’s point of contact for questions related to logistics or billing issues:
      • NRRA Logistics Staff; (email) info@nrrarecycles.org; (phone) 603-736-4401 x 120 or 111
      • Load Request Form 
      • NRRA Billing Staff: (email) accounting@nrrarecycles.org; (phone) 603-736-4401 x 115 or 112 
      • NRRA Fax: (603) 736-4402