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At NRRA, we pride ourselves in working with reputable, high quality Vendors. With over 400 members throughout New England, our Vendors play an integral role in helping communities effectively manage their recycling and municipal solid waste.

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WHO WE ARE: NRRA is the oldest and largest cooperative-model recycling nonprofit in the United States. As a membership based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we represent over 400 municipalities throughout New England. Our members place a high level of trust in us to work with reputable, reliable Vendors who are both financially and environmentally responsible. 

HOW WE WORK: It is our goal to provide the best marketing options for each Member based on their individual circumstances. This is why NRRA works with multiple Vendors for each commodity. NRRA’s job is to match each Member with a Vendor that provides the best service/pricing/options for that particular Member. 

WHAT WE EXPECT: Due to the quality and volume of our NRRA Members’ products, we expect “NRRA Approved Vendors” to guarantee “exclusive”, “tiered” or “preferred” pricing to NRRA for its Members. Further, we expect “NRRA Approved Vendors” to act with integrity and not approach NRRA Members directly with pricing. Any NRRA Members who call a Vendor directly should not receive the exclusive pricing quoted to NRRA. 

BENEFITS OF BEING AN "NRRA APPROVED VENDOR": NRRA is a "one-stop-shop" for our Members, handling the scheduling, billing, and payments for their materials. This saves our Vendors time and money as they are only dealing with one entity – NRRA. NRRA assists with resolving issues between our members and vendors, such as price, grading, contamination, damage to equipment or facility, and more. More often than not, we catch issues before they even reach our members. 

Additional benefits include: 

  • (NEW!) Annual Activity Report detailing all of your cooperative marketing transactions for the calendar year. 
  • (NEW!) Environmental Impact Report (EIR) detailing the positive environmental impact of your services.
  • Discounts for:
    • NRRA's award-winning Annual Recycling Conference
    • NRRA workshops
  • Subscription or our bi-weekly newsletter, “Full of Scrap” 
  • NRRA will Market YOUR Materials (A Vendor Fee must be paid in order to take advantage of this additional benefit.)
  • Support NRRA’s mission of partnering to make recycling strong through economic and environmentally sound solutions 

VENDOR APPLICATION: All vendors are required to go through an application process. Details can be found in the application packet. It should be noted that vendors must agree to NRRA's standard operating procedures, also included in the application packet. Upon approval, you will become an "NRRA Approved Vendor" and will be included in NRRA's cooperative marketing - NRRA will promote your services to our members. 

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Please reach out to us via phone: (603) 736-4401 or email: