New NRRA Vendor Packet

Who we are: NRRA is a membership based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization representing over 400 municipalities and businesses throughout New England. Our members place a high level of trust in us to work with reputable, reliable vendors who are both financially and environmentally responsible. 

How to become an NRRA Approved Vendor: All Vendors are required to go through an application process which includes completing the Vendor Information Sheet,  signing our Accounting Procedures/Requirements Agreement and the applying Vendor will need to supply NRRA with a copy of their Liability Insurance Certificate.  All of this information is available in the NRRA Vendor Packet.

NRRA Approved Vendors are not required to pay a vendor or membership fee. Only those Approved Vendors  who also take advantage of  NRRA’s cooperative marketing and or purchasing programs  are required to pay an annual vendor fee which is based on the size of the vendor’s company (1-50 employees = $ 150/year; over 50 employees = $ 250/year). Please refer to the “Benefits of Being an NRRA Vendor” Sheet for details. 

How we work: It is our goal to provide the best marketing options for each Member based on their individual circumstances. This is why NRRA works with multiple Vendors for each commodity. NRRA’s job is to match each Member with a Vendor that provides the best service/pricing/options for that particular Member.

What we expect: Due to our Members quality products and the total NRRA volumes, we expect “NRRA Approved Vendors” to guarantee exclusive pricing to NRRA for our Members. Further, we expect “NRRA Approved Vendors” to act with integrity and not approach NRRA Members directly with pricing. Any NRRA Members who call a Vendor directly should not receive the exclusive pricing quoted to NRRA due to its volume and quality products.

The value of being an NRRA Approved Vendor: NRRA handles the scheduling, billing and payments on behalf of its Members. This saves the Vendor time and money because Vendors are only dealing with one entity – NRRA. Once you are an “NRRA Approved Vendor”, NRRA will promote your services to our members.

Other benefits of being an NRRA Approved Vendor: In addition to the above, your annual Vendor fee will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Free subscription to our bi-weekly newsletter, “Full of Scrap”
  • Discounted fees to attend NRRA workshops
  • NRRA will market your materials