Cooperative Marketing

NRRA is one of only a handful of nonprofits in the country that operates a recyclables marketing cooperative, which means that we directly connect sellers of recyclable commodities to purchasers of those commodities.  NRRA's municipal members produce large volumes of high-quality material.  We work with reputable vendors and provide our members with expanded market options and consistent pricing.  NRRA also provides a monthly pricing guide for voting municipal members only.  

Cooperative Marketing Programs

NRRA offers its voting municipal members access to recycling markets for the following programs: 


♦ Containers: Aluminum Cans, Steel Cans, Glass, Plastic♦ Single Stream
♦ Refrigerant (Freon) Recovery♦ Dual Stream (Commingled)
♦ Fibers: Cardboard (OCC), Mixed Paper, News & Office Paper♦ Scrap Metal & Aluminum
♦ Construction & Demolition♦ Tires
♦ Mercury Containing Devices♦ Household Hazardous Waste
♦ Ballasts & Fluorescent Bulbs♦ Automotive Batteries
♦ Electronics♦ Propane Tanks
♦ Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) 

Why Participate in NRRA’s Cooperative Marketing Programs?

The benefits of participating in NRRA's cooperative marketing programs include:

  1. We use a variety of vendors. This allows us to offer different options for our members, and we screen vendors to make sure they are reputable. 
  2. We are your one stop shop. NRRA can handle all our members’ recycling needs with just one phone call.  This saves our members time and energy.
  3. We minimize your financial risk. Because members pay NRRA directly, and NRRA pays our vendors directly, if a vendor goes out of business, NRRA will still honor the money due to our member.  A member dealing directly with a delinquent vendor does not have this protection. 
  4. We handle inevitable marketing challenges. NRRA assists with resolving issues between our members and vendors, such as price, grading, contamination, damage to equipment or facility, and more.    
  5. We provide strength in numbers. The more members who participate with NRRA, the more favorable terms we can negotiate on our members’ behalf. 
  6. We’re not just a “broker.” NRRA takes the good with the bad and helps educate members on how to be more efficient and how to maximize their returns on recycling. 
  7. We’re here for you in good times and bad. NRRA isn’t just available to our members when the markets are good.  We’re here when the markets are down as well.  (We likewise need our members to market with us in both the good and bad times.)


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