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NH Solid Waste Legislation Updates - 2024 Session

The New Hampshire Legislature's 2024 session is getting ready to begin. NRRA will be tracking bills regarding solid waste and recycling throughout the legislative session. Please check back frequently for updates. This page was last revised on September 26, 2023.

Need a refresher about how the legislative process works in New Hampshire? Here's an overview of how a bill becomes a law. A Glossary of Terms is also provided at the end of this update. 

2024 Legislation

2024 House Legislative Service Requests (LSRs)

The following LSRs can be found through the General Court of New Hampshire.

  • HB LSR 2107: relative to requiring public benefit and community impact assessments from the department of environmental services
    • Prime Sponsor: Wendy Thomas
  • HB LSR 2131: relative to prohibiting the private ownership of landfills 
    • Prime Sponsor: Peter Bixby
  • HB LSR 2140: relative to solid waste districts
    • Prime Sponsor: Daniel Veilleux
  • HB LSR 2270: relative to single-use disposable plastic foodware accessories
    • Prime Sponsor: Tony Caplan
  • HB LSR 2351: relative to prohibiting certain packaging from carrying the recycling logo
    • Prime Sponsor: Tony Caplan
  • HB LSR 2441: relative to allowing the land use master plan to include a section on waste reduction
    • Prime Sponsor: Karen Ebel
  • HB LSR 2490: relative to pausing the issuance of new landfill permits until 2031
    • Prime Sponsor: David Rochefort
  • HB LSR 2494: relative to prohibiting the disposal of lithium-ion batteries in solid waste landfill facilities, composting facilities, or incinerators
    • Prime Sponsor: Karen Ebel
  • HB LSR 2507: relative to disposal of hazardous waste from state and local construction projects
    • Prime Sponsor: John Cloutier
  • HB LSR 2546: relative to including solid waste landfills in the definition of development of regional impact
    • Prime Sponsor: Chuck Grassie
  • HB LSR 2630: relative to requiring environmental surety bonds for businesses that pose a significant risk to the state's natural resources
    • Prime Sponsor: Kelley Potenza
  • HB LSR 2698: relative to permits for the siting of new landfills
    • Prime Sponsor: Linda Massimilla
  • HB LSR 2702: relative to the solid waste management act
    • Prime Sponsor: Karen Ebel
  • HB LSR 2709: relative to labeling of products as compostable
    • Prime Sponsor: Lucius Parshall
  • HB LSR 2793: relative to creating the New Hampshire container deposit, refund, recycle, and reuse system
    • Prime Sponsor: Sherry Dutzy
  • HB LSR 2805: relative to prohibiting certain products with intentionally added PFAS
    • Prime Sponsor: Karen Ebel

Resources: The General Court of New Hampshire

Glossary of Terms

Indefinitely postpone:

  • Bill considered killed.

Inexpedient to legislate (ITL):

  • A recommendation by the committee indicating that the committee is against the bill.
  • Bill considered killed.

Legislative Service Request (LSR):

  • An LSR is a filing made by a legislator for a proposed bill and submitted to the Office of Legislative Services to have a bill drafted. It is then assigned a bill docket number. Draft bills come from the 400 elected members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives and the 24 members of the New Hampshire Senate.

Ought to pass (OTP):

  • A recommendation by the committee indicating that the committee supports the bill.

Ought to pass as amended (OTPA):

  • A recommendation by the committee indicating that the committee supports the bill with an amendment(s).

Refer to interim study:

  •  The committee would like the House or Senate to send it back down to the committee for further analysis.


  • A legislative body adopts a motion to suspend consideration of a bill indefinitely.


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