Josh Whipple Joins NH Solid Waste Working Group to Represent Rural Source Separated Communities

July 31, 2023

We are excited to announce that Josh Whipple, the Solid Waste Manager for the Town of Swanzey Recycling Center and NRRA Board Member - has joined the New Hampshire Solid Waste Working Group (SWWG). Josh has been a solid waste operator since 2011 in the town of Swanzey, a rural NH community with a strong, resident-driven source separated recycling program. 

The Solid Waste Working Group's responsibilities include reviewing and making changes to the state's solid waste reduction, recycling, and management policies, programs, goals, and initiatives. 

Josh will be acting as the SWWG representative for rural communities that source separate recycling. Josh will bring the important perspective of how materials - both recyclables and MSW - are managed on a "smaller" scale, including considerations for small communities, and what has (and has not) been successful.

Josh understands how inherently dangerous a career in solid waste management is and believes in educating residents and properly training solid waste operators, so everyone can stay safe. He has cultivated a popular upcycling section in the quarterly "Swanzey Uncovered" town newsletter where he offers resident ideas on reusing items that may have otherwise been disposed. Josh is a trusted voice in Swanzey and beyond, a leader that both residents and solid waste operators look to for education, information, and advice. 

NRRA is proud to have another Municipal Member representative sharing their deep on-the-ground experience and recycling and solid waste expertise at the state level!