Recycling Habits

Recycling Habits: Learn how to start, maintain, or improve your recycling habit so that you - or your fellow community members - recycle more and recycle better.

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Step 1: Find our there to recycle in town, with image of man talking on 70s style phone

♻️ RECYCLING BASICS: Time to Start your Recycling Habit! ♻️

Sure, you've seen recycling containers when you're out and about, and maybe you've tossed your single-use bottle in one, but when it comes to recycling at home, you haven't taken the leap. Maybe you think it's too hard, takes too much time, is too confusing.

Well fear not! Over the course of the Recycle Right campaign, we will be breaking down a recycling habit into small, actionable steps.

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What is One Thing You Can Easily Recycle? with image of green recycling bin with empty green glass bottles

♻️ RECYCLING BASICS: When it comes to setting up your Recycling Habit - start small! ♻️

You've looked up where to send your recyclables in your town or city - either through a curbside recycling program, or bringing them to your local transfer station or recycling center.

Now it's time for STEP 2: pick ONE thing you can easily recycle!


Look around your home - what is something that wouldn't takeRead more

Create a Dedicated Recycling Space, with smiling child holding a full blue recycling bin


Now that you know WHERE to bring your recycling (curbside, a recycling center, or transfer station) and you know WHAT you'll be recycling (paper, glass, or aluminum) it's time to figure out HOW you will store it during the week.

At home recycling collection bins can be as simple or specific as you'd like!

Some easy upcycled examples include:
- Paper bags toRead more

Before You Toss It, Ask, "Can it be RECYCLED?" with image of 4 brown paper bags with recyclables sticking out the top

♻️ How to make it a RECYCLING HABIT ♻️

You've found where to send your recyclables, picked ONE recyclable to focus on, and set up your simple recycling location in your home. You've covered the 3 basics of setting up your recycling habit! Now it's time to turn action into into habit by RETRAINING YOUR BRAIN.

Before you toss anything into the trash, ask yourself one simple question: "Can it be recycled?"

Now we are REALLY going to blowRead more

Place a Reminder Near Your Trash Can, with image of trash can with blue bag and sticky note reading "recycle" on nearby cabinet

✅ ✅ ✅ YOUR RECYCLING HABIT: Reminders are your Friend!

Your habit right now may not include recycling - or it may be to recycle some things, but not everything. Changing your habits to include recycling can take time - AND REMINDERS - because when you’re operating on autopilot you probably will forget!

There’s an easy fix: POST A REMINDER anywhere you have a garbage can! It can be a simple “Recycle!” post-it note, or a larger “can it be recycledRead more

Reward yourself for consistently recycling, with image of a white recycling bin with green chasing arrows sign


If you started your habit in week one, you are now a month and a half into your new (or improved) recycling habit! WOW!! By now, you've probably gotten good at pausing before you trash an item and instead tossing it into your recycling bin. You have your recycling area set up in your home and you're a pro at breezing through the recycling section of your transfer station or remembering to put out your recyclingRead more