Recycle Right Campaign Final Presentation

The Recycle Right campaign is a valuable and free educational service NRRA is providing to all member communities, but is especially designed for small source-separated New Hampshire towns. While other Recycle Right campaigns do exist, they focus primarily on single-stream recycling that is typically found in larger towns and cities in New Hampshire. Source separated recycling has some unique aspects that our Recycle Right campaign will address.

The goal of the Recycle Right campaign is to educate community residents about how to both recycle more and recycle correctly. The outcome of recycling better is a reduction of the solid waste stream and improved (uncontaminated) recyclables.

Since towns do not all recycle the same things, posts do not focus as much on the standard "memorization lists" that are frequently found in single stream Recycle Right campaigns. Instead, posts will include images and videos that focus on the "why" behind recycling.

The Recycle Right campaign allows communities to have an effective way to educate their residents about the importance of recycling. Additionally, because the campaign is composed of "evergreen" recycling education content that will be made publicly available, towns are able to run their own Recycle Right campaign at any time in the future with ease.

This is a final presentation following the 4-month long campaign that is available to download and share now:

(Closed captioning was captured live, during the event.)