Recycle Right Toolkit

The Recycle Right Toolkit is a valuable and free educational service designed for the public and all NRRA member communities, but is especially designed for small source-separated New Hampshire towns.

The toolkit has been created and designed to be shared - in emails, on websites, and across social media as ongoing recycling campaigns or standalone recycling education.

Because the images and text are designed to be SHARED you are welcome to download and share however you please. You can share them directly on social media, or download the images and text to use in your own Recycle Right Campaign, email, or website. You can even print the images for signage!


  1. First, choose a category from your options below - just click on an image to see all the posts for that topic
  2. Click "Read More" on the post you are interested in sharing
    • To quickly share the entire image and text to Facebook, click the blue "Share" button at the bottom of the page
  3. To share the image and text in an email, on a website, or through social media like Instagram 
    • Click the "Download Image" link to automatically save the image to your computer
    • Click the "Copy Text to Clipboard" button to automatically copy the text that appears beneath the image

Bonus: Each post includes ready-made hashtags to be used on social media.

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