SHIP (Supporting Home Instruction Program) Packet #3-Packaging & Nonrenewable Resources

NRRA's third SHIP voyage continues to explore packaging as we head toward Sweden to learn how to turn garbage into energy (4-6). The fun activities scheduled for this journey include making ice cream in a bag (7-8), and bowling on deck using plastic bottles as the bowling pins (K-3)! The lessons learned on this voyage reveal that natural resources are limited and investigate how long our natural resources will last. Students will compare estimated life expectancies of some nonrenewable natural resources (9-12).

SHIP (Supporting Home Instruction Program) Packet #2-Litter, Food Waste and Packaging

NRRA's SHIP Lessons have left the dock for a second voyage. On this voyage, NRRA explores the differences between human-made and natural litter by taking a litter walk (K-3) when we pull into our first island port. After lunch, students measure and categorize their lunch waste and reveal all the things being thrown away (4-6).  On the return voyage, students discuss how some types of packaging are better for the environment than others and analyze their waste producing habits in order to begin changing them (9-12 ).

SHIP (Supporting Home Instruction Program) Packet #1-Solid Waste

NRRA's first SHIP, launched during the winter months, resembled the traditional "Blizzard Bag."  A compilation of lesson plans and activities accomplished during a snow day for when teachers do not want to lose their stride due to a disaster.  Lesson #1 (K-3 ) investigates the contents of one's waste,  introduces snowman bingo, and includes a video about litter in the oceans. 

Heather discusses why litter is a problem (K-3).

Best Management Practices for Recycling Facilities During COVID-19

NHDES Credits:  1.5

Reagan Bissonnette, NRRA Executive Director, and Bonnie Bethune, NRRA Member Services Manager, were joined by Dr. Ben Locwin, expert on infectious disease epidemiology, to discuss COVID-19 best management practices for recycling facilities.  Dr. Locwin addressed questions from live participants.  Over 300 people participated in this very informative webinar, and more than 250 watched the recording afterwards!   

Here's some feedback from our attendees:

Food Waste Diversion

In this webinar, hosted by The NH Food Alliance, NRRA discusses the current status of composting organics in N.H. with Sarah McGraw and Jenny Humpshries of Mr. Fox Composting. Mr. Fox Composting has been providing residential, commercial, and even events, organics hauling services for over a decade.  McGraw and Humpshries shared how Mr.

Baling Plastics Without Cardboard Headers

Join NRRA's member, Josh Whipple, Manager of the Swanzey Recycling Center, as he demonstrates baling plastic recycling without cardboard headers during a Members Operations Marketing meeting. Some plastic vendors no longer accept cardboard headers on plastic bales. The automated debaling process is not able to handle cutting off the cardboard for safety reasons, and it slows down the processing of the plastic when it comes off the truck.