Solid Waste Advisory Team (SWAT) Final Presentation

In the spring of 2022, teams of experienced solid waste operator mentors and NRRA staff launched Solid Waste Advisory Teams to provide free, hands-on technical assistance and solid waste facility evaluations for qualified New Hampshire communities. Towns participating in the SWAT Program received short and long-term recommendations to improve their solid waste planning and management.

SWAT Program mentors were selected from communities similar to those receiving assistance. Topics addressed through the SWAT Program included traffic flow through solid waste facilities, pay as you throw programs, disposal fees charged to residents, and changes to recycling and solid waste management to maximize recycling revenue and minimize costs.

The SWAT Program also provided assistance to two NH communities, to develop full cost accounting models for their solid waste facility operations. Full cost accounting is a systematic approach for identifying and reporting the actual costs of solid waste management and is helpful for budgeting and informing changes that are necessary to improve program operations.

This is a final presentation of the SWAT process and findings.

This video includes closed-captioning.