NHDES Solid Waste Operator Continuing Education Credit

BMPs for Negotiating Municipal Contracts for Waste, Recycling & Composting Part 1

NHDES Credits:  1.25

Does your municipality have contracts in place for solid waste services, include trash, recycling, and perhaps even composting? Would you like to understand the purpose and benefit of establishing such contracts and learn best practices for negotiating contract terms?

Best Management Practices for Recycling Facilities During COVID-19

NHDES Credits:  1.5

Reagan Bissonnette, NRRA Executive Director, and Bonnie Bethune, NRRA Member Services Manager, were joined by Dr. Ben Locwin, expert on infectious disease epidemiology, to discuss COVID-19 best management practices for recycling facilities.  Dr. Locwin addressed questions from live participants.  Over 300 people participated in this very informative webinar, and more than 250 watched the recording afterwards!   

Here's some feedback from our attendees: