The Battery of Things: Lithium Battery Safety

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The "Internet of Things" will add 40 billion connected devices in the next 5 years, including drones, e-scooters, e-bicycles, and more, many of which will be powered by lithium batteries. These potentially combustible batteries will end up at northeast waste facilities and businesses, and require new training, packaging, and recycling methods. This recorded webinar includes best safety, storage, and transportation practices, featuring new solutions, like CellBlockEX, a recycled glass granule that extinguishes lithium fires. Prepare your facility for the future of batteries.

Join the Northeast Resource Recovery Association, your recycling nonprofit, and Sean Plasse, the Northeast Program Manager of Call2Recycle to learn more.

Participants say: I learned something new. "Some batteries are recycled into new batteries, pots and pans, silverware and some road asphalt." "There's a lot of information but it's so organized and easy to follow."