Spec Sheet: Lead Acid Automotive Batteries

Hundreds of thousands of lead-acid batteries are discarded each year. A typical lead-acid battery used in a car or truck contains sulfuric acid and 18 to 20 pounds of lead. Lead, a toxic heavy metal, can pose serious health issues and adversely affect the environment if disposed of improperly by contaminating ground water and surface water.

Lithium Battery Fire in Lee, NH

Electric Car - Hybrid Vehicle Battery Management

STOP: Electric car batteries DO NOT BELONG at Recycling Facilities!

Communities should not accept these batteries but should advise residents to contact the specific manufacturer for instructions on proper handling.

Battery Recycling

Call2Recycle Household Battery Recycling & Disposal

Call2Recycle offers convenient options for responsibly recycling your old batteries. Whether you only have a few batteries or generate larger quantities, need a one-time option or ongoing solution, Call2Recycle has you covered. 

Household Batteries

Household Batteries

For more information on the safe handling of batteries, see our Batteries Toolkit.

Do you know how to safely dispose of batteries? Several options are available and listed below for a variety of battery types.