Hazardous Materials

TRC: Mercury Thermostat Recycling

Mercury Thermostat Recycling Companies

Mercury-containing thermostats should be disposed of/recycled responsibly.

For more information on safe handling of mercury-containing devices, please visit NHDES Managing My Waste: Mercury-Containing Devices page. 

Universal Waste Labels

Universal Waste Labels

For information about Universal Waste, visit the NHDES Managing My Waste: Universal Waste page.

Suggestions for Ordering Universal Waste Labels: Check out the options these companies offer at their sites. 

Household Batteries

Household Batteries

For more information on the safe handling of batteries, see our Batteries Toolkit.

Do you know how to safely dispose of batteries? Several options are available and listed below for a variety of battery types. 

Asbestos Abatement Companies

Asbestos Abatement Companies

Asbestos is a toxic, natural occurring chemical that can cause rapid reproduction of cancer cells in the lungs called mesothelioma, you should test surfaces older than 1970 for it before removing paint layers.

For information about the safe handling of asbestos, visit the NHDES Managing My Waste: Asbestos page.

Below is a list of some companies in the Northeast to consult for your asbestos concerns.

Antifreeze & Waste Oil Recycling/Disposal

Antifreeze & Waste Oil Recycling/Disposal Companies

NHDES Used Oil Grant – up to $2,500/year for NH Municipalities

Municipalities located in NH may want to take advantage of resources provided by the NH Department of Environmental Services, such as applying for the NHDES Used Oil Grant, which can provide up to $2,500/year for NH Municipalities. 

Medical Waste: Needles, Pharmaceuticals, Vaping and More

NHDES Credits:  1

Needlestick injuries expose us to bloodborne pathogens, including HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and other viruses. Traces of antibiotics found in river and lake water samples are shifting the delicate balance of aquatic ecosystems. Nicotine (among other toxic substances) in e-cigarettes, vape pens, and cartridges are considered hazardous waste. Vape batteries can start landfill and transfer station fires. What about other items such as inhaler cartridges, epi-pens, needle storage devices?

A Blueprint for Hazardous Material Management in Schools

Why a Hazardous Waste Manual for Schools?

Schools face increasingly complicated social and economic issues. As society acknowl­edges its connection to the environment, schools are adding environmental concerns to their issues lists. The National School Board Association says the school's environmental responsibility extends to three areas: