A Blueprint for Hazardous Material Management in Schools

Why a Hazardous Waste Manual for Schools?

Schools face increasingly complicated social and economic issues. As society acknowl­edges its connection to the environment, schools are adding environmental concerns to their issues lists. The National School Board Association says the school's environmental responsibility extends to three areas:

  • Reducing or eliminating potential sources of risk to human health and the environment.
  • Using natural resources responsibly.
  • Educating students and the community on environmental issues.

How Did This Manual Develop?

Multitudes of technical resources on hazardous materials management exist.  NRRA ascertained what management information was relevant to the school community and translated this information into less technical language.

Developing the manual involved first-hand experience and research, including:

  • School visits to determine what hazardous materials are in use, estimate hazardous waste generation, and identify common issues among the staff.
  • Interviews with people within school systems and state agencies who want to create better hazardous materials management systems for schools.
  • Networking with professionals across the country to determine how other school systems manage hazardous materials.