The Messy Truth about Students and Their Garbage

Friday, July 31, 2020

On average, students produce 1.5 pounds of waste every single day. What does that mean? Well for example, a high school with 535 students did a waste composition study and calculated their waste generation to be 72 tons/year. This is equal to (on average) five and a half school buses!

NRRA's Star of Sustainability provides schools with the preliminary tools necessary to assess present waste management practices. The Star evaluates the sustainability of school recycling programs. Schools get clear, unbiased suggestions for future improvement as well as a baseline for examination of the positive effects of changes.

Join the Northeast Resource Recovery Association, your recycling nonprofit, for this recorded webinar to discuss these issues. Cindy Sterling is the Grants Manager and Senior Educator at NRRA.

NRRA launched a Summer Webinar Series instead of our annual conference in 2020, which we had to cancel due to the pandemic.  We still wanted to share the workshops that would have been available at the conference, so we created the Summer Webinar Series.  We charge a fee for attending the conference, and charging a modest fee for the Summer Webinar Series (live and recorded) allows us to cover NRRA's staff time, as well as recoup some of the lost revenue from our conference.

Fee and payment Information:

  • NRRA Member Pricing: $25
  • NRRA Not-yet-member pricing: $50
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