Composting & Food Waste

Maine Compost School Certification Program

Solid Waste Consultants

NRRA is often asked for Solid Waste Consultant recommendations. Below is a list of consultants found in the Northeast. Please note, this list is provided for informational purposes only and are not recommendations, nor is this a complete list. This can be used as a starting point for vendors. Thank you.

CMA Engineers

Portsmouth, NH

Municipalities with Food Waste Diversion Programs (NH)

NRRA receives requests from municipal members who are interested in hearing about members with current food scrap composting programs. They want to know where to start, how to survey their community, how to get their residents involved, and how to get the decision-makers on-board.  We hope that the communities below can serve as an example to other municipalities who need to know where to start to set up their own food scrap composting programs. Please check out their resources and reach out with questions.

Food Waste Composting & Diversion Services

Food waste should be kept OUT of municipal solid waste (MSW) whenever possible. 

They can either be composted (in the luxury of your own yard), or deposited at a facility such as the examples below.  Check out these resources to see if they offer a solution for you! Additionally, you may want to check with your local transfer station, local farms, and garden centers to see what options they offer as well.