Keene Can Compost

July 19, 2022
Residents ask about composting at the Keene, NH workshop.

On Saturday, July 9th, NRRA Member Services Representative, Heather Herring, held a workshop at the Keene Recycling Center to talk about composting targeted for Keene residents. Keene Recycling Facility Operator, Mike Hartness, was there to lend his experience and suggestions with setting up a composting pile, as well as Albert Diemand from Elm City Composting.

Heather reviewed the basics of composting and why it is important to town residents and the City of Keene officials to keep weight out of their waste from an economic bottom line. She reflected on last year’s Backyard Food Scraps Pilot program carried out by twelve Keene volunteers to increase backyard composting. A small but very enthusiastic group of residents stopped by during the busy Saturday morning hour to inquire about how to begin composting and two residents won prizes. The City of Keene donated an Earth Machine compost bin and NRRA donated a compost turner. Albert explained the curbside and drop-off composting services that Elm City Composting provides to the Keene area.

The recent updates to NH state composting regulations should ease some concerns municipalities have about whether to start a composting program on their site, or work with third party vendors. NRRA works with its members to share information so their residents have access to composting for a win-win situation.