Recycling Markets

Science Cafe New Hampshire: Recycling and Waste Management

How much of New England's recyclables and waste are sent offshore to China? What are the challenges with dealing with other outside countries? NRRA Executive Director Reagan Bissonnette joined Science Cafe Nashua as a panelist to discuss questions about recycling and waste management. 

Let's Talk Trash - Solid Waste Challenges Facing Municipalities

Nearly 100 New Hampshire House representatives and members of the public attended this continuing education event with more watching via live stream.  Reagan Bissonnette, NRRA Executive Director, spoke about the current recycling markets and whether recycling is still worthwhile in New Hampshire.  Below is the agenda for the full event, including the times each section was addressed in the video recording.  

  1. Introduction

    Rep. Karen Ebel, Deputy Speaker of the House

The State of Recycling Markets in New Hampshire

The March/April 2020 issue of the New Hampshire Municipal Association's Town and City magazine featured a cover story by NRRA Executive Director, Reagan Bissonnette.  This article explains in detail the state of recycling markets in New Hampshire.  

How Does NRRA’s Glass Recycling Vendor Process Glass?

100% of the clean glass jars and bottles that NRRA and its members sends up to 2MR in Canada is eventually shipped back to the United States in the form of insulation.  Watch the video to learn more!

NRRA Glass Host Site in Dennis, MA

The Town of Dennis, MA is a member of NRRA and a host site for one of NRRA's host sites for processed glass aggregate (PGA).  This video explains how this PGA site was established, how the glass is crushed into aggregate, and how the material can be used in local road and infrastructure projects.  

NRRA’s HB617 Testimony regarding Glass Recycling & PGA

Recycling and Solid Waste Study Committee (HB 617)
October 10, 2019 Meeting
Glass Recycling & Processed Glass Aggregate
Prepared by the Northeast Resource Recovery Association
Remarks by Reagan Bissonnette, Executive Director

PGA Specifications and Approved Uses by State - MA, NH, VT

Summary of Specifications and Approved Uses of Processed Glass Aggregate
Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont - Environmental and Transportation Agencies

Criteria Summarized:

  • Environmental Gradation and Contamination Requirements
  • Environmental Approved Uses
  • Transportation Gradation and Contamination Requirements
  • Transportation Approved Uses
  • Disposal Ban

Recycling & Solid Waste Study Committee (HB 617) Testimony

The NH State Recycling and Solid Waste Committee is studying the challenges facing municipalities in the current recycling markets.  Reagan Bissonnette, NRRA Executive Director, testified before the committee several times, as did a few NRRA members.  The Committee is very interested in hearing directly from more municipalities at two upcoming meetings.  This Document provides NRRA's testimony.  

Is Recycling Still Worthwhile In New Hampshire?

Join Reagan Bissonnette, Executive Director of the Northeast Resource Recovery Association-the nation's oldest recycling cooperative-for an informative discussion about the economics of the current recycling markets. Reagan will cover the basics of what has happened and what the future portends for recycling, composting, and trash.
If you have input into or manage any part of a municipal budget-including town administrators, planners, selectboard members, and clerks-this session will prove valuable for you.

China Sword: Current Market Trends in Recycling

Recycling markets are volatile. Revenue fluctuations dictate the materials collected and can create havoc or triumph for community recycling programs. Contract negotiations, shared agreements, broadened markets and local manufacturing can moderate the instability, but it is not an easy or predictable journey. Trends in each industry (paper/paperboard, glass, steel, aluminum, or plastics), the demand for manufactured goods, and global economic cycles are always shifting. NRRA’s China Sword provides current national and regional recycling market scenarios. (0.75 hour/credits)