NRRA Shares Recycling Market Price Trends from 2018 to Current

February 15, 2022

At NRRA’s Member Operations Marketing (MOM) meeting on February 9, 2022, Bonnie Bethune, NRRA Senior Member Services Representative, shared four graphs to demonstrate trends in market pricing for fibers, scrap metal, aluminum cans, and plastics from 2018 to present.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and these pricing charts show that despite some recent dips in market pricing, overall recycling commodity markets are either similar to or higher than the same time in 2018. 

Some of the key highlights from these graphs include the following.

  • Fibers: Though somewhat lower than similar 2018 pricing, cardboard and mixed paper show recent improved pricing with a current steady pricing trend.
  • Scrap Metal: Pricing is currently slightly above 2018 pricing with signs of strengthening markets.
  • Aluminum Cans: Pricing is currently slightly above 2018 pricing, also with signs of strengthening markets.
  • Plastics: After historically high summer 2021 pricing, pricing is leveling out with a stronger market building for #1 PET.









Note: Scrap metal, aluminum cans, and plastics pricing are based on individual NRRA vendors. Market pricing varies based on location, quantity, and quality of material relative to vendor location, trucking costs, and current market pricing.

Want more information about recycling market trends? NRRA voting municipal members are invited to register to attend NRRA’s March 9 MOM meeting at Windham Solid Waste Management District in Brattleboro, Vermont.