Recycling Markets in 2021: NRRA Annual Meeting

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NRRA's November 2021 Annual Meeting featured a special presentation about current recycling markets by Chaz Miller, CEO of Chaz Miller Associates and former Director of the National Waste & Recycling Association.  Chaz is a 40-year veteran of the recycling and waste industry.  He is an ex officio member of the Northeast Recycling Council Board of Directors and the primary author of the NERC reports on increases in North American domestic recycled paper and recycled plastic capacity.  He is Chair of the Montgomery County MD Aiming for Zero Waste Task Force.

Chaz Miller

Chaz discussed the status of current recycling markets and the reasoning behind recent market changes.  He also provided his prediction for future markets and answered member questions.  Members won't want to miss this engaging and insightful presentation!

Some of the questions Chaz answered included: 

  1. How long to do feel the fibers market will remain strong as it is currently? 
  2. Will regional market variations increase in the future and regionally across the country? 

  3. If a municipality is planning to invest in new recycling capabilities, what advice would you give, based on which commodities are likely to have sustained value in the coming years? Are there any "no regrets" investments that any municipality should consider, regardless of future market fluctuations? 

  4. Do you foresee any changes in the requirements of our recycling materials? As we all strive to achieve the best revenues possible what, if any, changes will likely be in the future? 

  5. A 10-cent container deposit bill is being proposed in the 2022 legislative session in NH.  What are your thoughts on bottle bills generally?