NRRA "Recycling with Results" 2021 Conference Day One

NHDES Credits:  3.5

Over 185 presenters and attendees from New England and beyond participated in the Northeast Resource Recovery Association's (NRRA) virtual "Recycling with Results" Conference on May 10-11, 2021.   The conference featured six key topics currently faced by the municipal solid waste and recycling industry.  NHDES solid waste operator continuing education credits are available for each recorded hour watched. Please contact to receive your certificate for hours.  

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What Attendees Liked Most from Day One

It was the best, most informative conference I attended. I learned so much from your vendor speakers. I hope there will be more as good as this one was. Thank you to all of you, you all really did a tremendous job!

I liked the variety of speakers and topics. It was nice to hear from people from all different locations in NH.

I enjoyed the ease in which each presenter spoke. I loved seeing operators speak on their real life NH experiences. There was also a candid nature in all of the speakers.

Hearing from waste management staff who are working on the front lines and have hands-on experience to back up concepts, what works, what doesn't and why. Great slate of presenters. Also appreciate that it was recorded so I can go back and pick up things I missed, and share the info with others who could not attend. There was a lot of content! Really liked the visuals and examples, many of which I hope to adopt at our Transfer Station.

The vendors speaking about their products and how the process is done, problems they face and solutions they have come up with, as well answering questions that pertain to our end of the chain.

Day One Agenda

The agenda, with timestamps for each presentation, is provided below. 

MONDAY, MAY 10, 2021

Introduction and thank sponsors– Reagan Bissonnette, Executive Director, NRRA- 0:00-10:09 minutes

Engaging Residents with Municipal Recycling  

Learn how these speakers have successfully educated and engaged their residents about municipal recycling programs using social media, informative websites, an app, and transparency.


  • Social Media & Website - Meghan Theriault, P.E., Director of Public Works, Town of Gilford, NH-  10:10- 27:33 minutes
  • Transparent Revenue and Costs - Steven Bullek, Public Works Director, Town of Lee, NH & NRRA Board Member- 27:34-32:01 minutes
  • Betterbin app in Lebanon, NH - Michelle Goetsch, CEO, Betterbin and Marc Morgan, Solid Waste Manager, Lebanon, NH- 32:02- 47:40 minutes

Moderator of Q&A- Dawn Quirk, Town of Warner, NH and NRRA Board of Trustees- 47:41-1:16:45 minutes


Waste Reduction Strategies – Reduce, Reuse, Rot 1:17:33 minutes

Learn practical ways to save money by reducing the waste your community disposes. These municipal solid waste operators will share techniques to keep weight out of your waste, including: Pay As You Throw, a Refill Not Landfill reuse campaign and Food Scrap Composting at the municipal level.


  • Pay as You Throw - Dennis Patnoe, Former Transfer Station Supervisor, Town of Lancaster, NH & NRRA Board Member
  • Refill Not Landfill - Marc Morgan, Solid Waste Manager, City of Lebanon, NH
  • Food Scrap Composting - Joan Cudworth, Director of Public Works, Town of Hollis, NH & NRRA Board President

 Moderator of Q&A-Paul Tomasi, Executive Director, NE Kingdom Waste Management District


NRRA Website & Resources & Raffle Winner – Reagan Bissonnette, Executive Director, NRRA 

Get a tour of NRRA’s redesigned website and learn about the most popular resources available to enable municipalities to make recycling environmentally responsible and financially sustainable. 

Recycling Safely During COVID-19-  2:30:55 minutes

Back by popular demand, Dr. Ben Locwin, an expert on infectious disease epidemiology, will provide national safety updates regarding the pandemic, while NRRA’s Bonnie Bethune will share how municipal recycling programs are adapting their practices.  Plenty of time will be included for audience questions.


  • COVID-19 Pandemic - Dr. Ben Locwin, Healthcare Executive, International COVID-19 Advisor
  • Municipal Recycling - Bonnie Bethune, Member Services Manager, NRRA

Moderator of Q&A- Reagan Bissonnette, Executive Director, NRRA