Call2Recycle: Battery Recycling

Friday, January 15, 2021

Household Battery Recycling & Disposal

According to their website, "Call2Recycle offers convenient options for responsibly recycling your old batteries. Whether you only have a few batteries or generate larger quantities, need a one-time option or ongoing solution, Call2Recycle has you covered."  Below is a summary of some of Call2Recycle's programs.


2021 Call2Recycle Battery Program Options


FREE Rechargeable Battery Box Program

In order to get empty boxes back, a member of the facility staff needs to go online and take a 10 minute safety test.
To complete the safety test, please visit: 
& scroll down to "Training Options #2"

Single-Use Battery Recycling Option

  • Call2Recycle has expanded its battery recycling program to include a new single-use Battery recycling option;
  • This service includes all battery recycling of household batteries (alkaline/ single-use) under 11 lbs. as an option for collection sites;
  • *There is a COST for this program*
To purchase single use recycling options, please visit: 
OR to purchase.

Damaged Batteries

  • Call2Recycle offers a kit for Damaged Batteries (if stored improperly can cause a fire)
To purchase a kit, please visit: 

Small Call2Recycle Box Small Call2Recycle Box


A damaged battery from a New Hampshire facility:

Damaged Battery from NH Facility 





Please make sure you let this company know you heard about them from NRRA. Thank you!