Update to Best Management Practices for Recycling Facilities During COVID-19

NHDES Credits:  1.5

Reagan Bissonnette, NRRA Executive Director, met virtually with Dr. Ben Locwin, an expert on infectious disease epidemiology, for a much-anticipated second webinar to discuss COVID-19 best management practices for recycling and solid waste facilities.  Dr. Locwin presented on issues that are top of mind during the spike in COVID-19 cases, including the status of developing a vaccine, the best types of masks based on scientific studies, what we know about surface transmission, and how to effectively ventilate buildings and vehicles as we approach winter.  Following his presentation, Dr. Locwin answered questions from attendees.  NRRA 's first webinar with Dr. Locwin on April 15, 2020 was hugely popular and has been watched by nearly 600 people.  

In addition to the webinar recording and presentation slides, a transcript of the webinar with time stamps is provided for reference purposes.  

Here's some feedback from our attendees:

  • This is by far the most informative, relevant, useful webinar I've listened to on COVID 19. Dr. Ben is extremely knowledgeable, the questions were excellent and answered some of my own questions and concerns and the most FAQ I get from others. THANK YOU.

  • Dr. Locwin was awesome, the information that he provided was spot on and current.

  • I just totally enjoyed getting clear rational facts presented without hysteria.  He affirmed out loud many of the common sense things I have been thinking.

Viewing this Webinar is eligible for 1.5 hours of NHDES training credit. To receive your credit certificate, please notify info@nrrarecycles.org once you’ve watched the webinar. We will need to verify your viewing of the webinar and then we will issue your credit to the email used to sign into the recording.

Dr. Ben Locwin – Dr. Locwin is an expert on infectious disease epidemiology. He conducts clinical trials internationally for breakthrough medical treatments. Dr. Locwin has worked on vaccine candidates for SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. He also has been involved with epidemiological modeling and case tracing for the current pandemic, assessing patient cases, public health and community outreach and teaching clinicians. He has been working with State and Federal government offices to provide clear scientific approaches and direction for improving public health amid the current pandemic.