SHIP (Supporting Home Instruction Programs) Packet #9-Reusing & Repackaging

The last NRRA SHIP brings us to Sesame Street where we join Murray and Ovejita at the recycling center to learn about  what happens to plastic after it gets recycled (K-3). Students continue to explore how they can reduce waste by making the perfect compost recipe and how earthworms convert garbage into compost (4-6). NRRA's SHIP then travels from the backyard to the marketplace to find the solution to how packaging could be designed to waste less (7-8). Packaging is useful and necessary for many reasons, but also contributes significantly to our society’s solid waste problems. Students will explore parameters of packaging design and will use these guidelines in their own design project (7-8). NRRA's SHIP voyage culminates with student's developing their public presentations skills as they use a community platform to reveal their familiarity with recycling and solid waste management issues (9-12).

Heather shows us how to build a compost pile (4-6).