SHIP (Supporting Home Instruction Program) Packet #7-Protecting Groundwater

The seventh voyage of NRRA's SHIP reveals how hazardous substances in household products can enter the environment if they are improperly used or disposed. Students begin the journey by tracing the way household hazardous waste enters the environment, recognizing how their homes are connected to the environment (K-3). On this voyage, NRRA teaches how the toxicity of a chemical is determined by its concentration, its amount and the individual characteristics of the person exposed to it (7-8).  As students wade through water pollution, they become familiar with what determines toxicity by performing a series of experiments (4-6). By the time NRRA's seventh SHIP docks, students will understand water pollution AND water consumption. NRRA's SHIP packet #7 lessons include the amount of water students use in a day to help them learn how to reduce this amount over time (4-6). For the more advanced SHIPmates, familiarization with how to use the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for products used in their schools becomes a useful tool for properly managing hazardous products (9-12).

Heather demonstrates how to "Wade Through Water Pollution" (4-6).