SHIP (Supporting Home Instruction Program) Packet #6-Water and the Environment

Aye aye Captain. First mate Gerley reporting on NRRA's SHIP lessons #6.

  • All the wee ones were zonked after an afternoon of playing the Natural Water Cycle Game (K-3).
  • The wee little ones were soothed into dreamland with their Cardboard Tubed Coiled Snakes (K-3).
  • The wee bit older ones were soothed into dreamland while watching Freddy the Fish Teaches About Stormwater (K-3).
  • Mapping the many routes for how hazardous substances enter the environment during use and/or disposal of hazardous products facinated the older SHIPmates (7-3). (In addition to observing how fast water moves through different soil types, these booty bandits spent a few hours defining how soil characteristics influence the movement of substances in the environment.)

On the whole, a notable day as students learn how they are a part of the web of life and what actions they can take to minimize their environmental impact on the Earth (9-12).

Heather discusses how we are all connected to the Earth.