SHIP (Supporting Home Instruction Program) Packet #4-Hazardous Homes

All aboard as NRRA's SHIP Captain commands green cleaning techniques for swabbing the deck. The first step to implementing the green cleaning protocol is to discuss the meaning of the word 'hazardous' (4-6). The next step is to inventory the cleaning products on board and map the location of these products from bow to stern (7-8). For entertainment, comedian Scott The Recycle Guy, shares his fact-finding hazardous waste missions (4-6). NRRA's parting gift for SHIP #4 is "Toxic Showdown" (Art by Mark Bennett. Presented by (7-8).  An informed public is more likely to make responsible decisions about household hazardous product use, disposal and alternatives.

Heather outlines how to conduct an inventory of household hazardous waste (7-8).