Processed Glass Aggregate Survey Report

The Northeast Resource Recovery Association is publishing a report summarizing examples of processed glass aggregate (PGA) use throughout the Northeast.  In June of 2020, NRRA launched a survey to collect examples of PGA use.  The survey garnered a total of 18 participants from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Vermont. Among the survey respondents, most indicated they used PGA for municipal projects with few having used it in private projects. There were no examples of PGA use in a state project. Bedding material for pipes, walls or foundations was the most common application of PGA among survey respondents. The year in which the PGA was used ranged from 1978 to the present and most respondents indicated they were very satisfied with the result after using the PGA.

Contact information for survey respondents can be found at the end of the report.  Some of the survey comments included the following: 

It was a great use for the recycled materials, and bedding drainage pipes worked well with no issues.

The PGA was used under a sidewalk and has held up very well with no frost movement.

Good material to use, is not frost susceptible, and can be compacted easily.

PGA is a terrific material and should be used in place of virgin materials.