Operator Smack Down! (A Safety and Public Relations Training for Waste Facility Operators)

Thursday, July 26, 2018

All employees have the right to a workplace free from safety and health hazards. Focusing on how to reduce future costs will avoid liabilities many fold when decision makers who spend time planning are dedicated to properly fitting a facility and supporting a “safety-first” etiquette that prevents injury. NRRA’s Operator Smack Down contains strategies for incorporating safety into facility management, self-inspection guidelines, and recordkeeping policies, including lists of common safety lapses, a table of common hazards, and discussion of hazards by category. Corrective action for a lapse in safety can be so simple but commonly overlooked; for example, having a hard line phone to call for help in an emergency if no cell service is available. Included in this training is a customer service exercise to help operators discuss best ways to handle difficult customers, deal with stress, and motivate others. (1.25 hours/credits)