Educate, Don't Contaminate! A Toolkit to Clean up Recycling

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

In 2019, ecomaine, waste manager for 400,000 people in Maine, along with four municipal partners, piloted an internship program to address costly recycling contamination.  Before heading out into the communities, interns received a deep dive training into the waste hierarchy and the recent changes to the recycling market. Over 8 weeks, interns tagged recycling bins and provided residents with educational materials on proper recycling that utilized community-based social marketing principles. Following the success of the pilot, the partners created a toolkit for communities facing high contamination rates to implement a similar program.

Join the Northeast Resource Recovery Association, your recycling nonprofit, for this recorded webinar to discuss these issues. Lucy Perkins is the Sustainability Program Coordinator in South Portland, ME. Matt Grondin is the Communications Manager at ecomaine.

Participants say: "I learned about the rate of contamination. I like the idea of having summer interns to track recycling."


This webinar is available for free for both NRRA members and nonmembers. The following are encouraged to participate: municipal recycling and transfer station staff, solid waste operators, public works staff, state and local government officials and staff, educators, and community members. NH solid waste operators will receive one hour of continuing education credit. Please contact after viewing the webinar with your email address and name of the webinar so that NRRA can confirm your login on our webinar attendance report.  To view the recording, select the "Webinar Recording" button. Please fill out the required information, click "Register" and you will be prompted to the recording.