Cooking Oil Disposal

NRRA members are encouraged to collect and recycle this valuable commodity.

Recycled cooking/vegetable oil will be used for local heat recovery, transportation, or electricity production.

Amenico - American Energy Ind. Co., LLC

5 Main St., Pittsfield, NH 03263


- Amenico will place a 55 gallon drum(s) or 275 gallon “tote” at your facility for vegetable oil collection

- When the container is nearly full, simply call Amenico for pickup

- If the oil is received in its original 5-gallon plastic container, our vendor will accept it in these containers separately

- For liquid oil, not solids like lard

EcoOil Recycling

South Hampton, NH


- EcoOil Recycling will place 55 gallon to 300 gallon containment drums at the facility

- Oil is picked up on a 4-week cycle

- Revenue for oil




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