Brush/Stump Processors

Friday, October 16, 2020

 Brush / Stump Processors


Below is a list of resources that are able to assist with processing brush/stumps, construction/ demo  waste, soil remediation & more.




 Aggregate Recycling Corporation (ARC)

Eliot, ME

Materials ARC processes include: stumps, pallets, construction/demolition wood waste, asphalt shingles and concrete, as well as premium bark mulch.

Phone: (207) 439-5584

or 1 -800-639-7303


 Commercial Paving & Recycling Co., LLC (CPRC)

Scarborough, ME

CPRC Systems provides a wide range of soil remediation and construction/demolition debris recycling services.

 Phone: (207) 885-5500

 Cousineau Forest Products

Henniker, NH 

Cousineau grinds on site.

Phone: (800) 258-4718

or (603) 428-7155


 H. B. Logging, LLC
523 Littleton Rd
Monroe, NH 03771 

Phone: (603) 638-4983 

 Hammond Grinding and Recycling

11 Hammonds Way

Canaan, NH 03741

Phone: (603) 523-4353

 M-R Wood Recycling

Derry, NH

M-R grinds material on-site or removes material from site.

Phone: (603) 425-0300

ProBark, Inc.

Essex, MA

Serving municipalities, commercial clients and communities, ProBark works hard to employ solutions to your green waste recycling needs and bulk mulch applications.

 Phone: (603) 382-6860 


























Please let these companies know you heard about them from NRRA. Thank you!