Ask Me Anything: Recycling Edition Digital Event

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Our first Ask Me Anything: Recycling Edition event was a hit! Tune in as our panel of recycling experts answer audience-submitted questions about recycling. From the basics (What is recycling contamination?), to the nitty-gritty (Can mayonnaise jars be recycled? Where do egg cartons go?). From whether or not our recyclables really ARE being recycled, the financial and environmental costs, and much, much more! 
- Reagan Bissonnette is the Executive Director of the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA). Reagan writes and speaks extensively about recycling and waste reduction, including in regional and national forums. She is a member of the New Hampshire Solid Waste Working Group, which is responsible for assisting the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services with solid waste planning and policy initiatives.
- Bonnie Bethune is the Senior Member Services Representative of the Northeast Resource Recovery Association. She assists NRRA’s municipal members with a wide variety of technical assistance and cooperative marketing and purchasing needs. This includes marketing tractor-trailer loads of recyclable material to environmentally sound vendors, providing hands-on technical assistance to help solid waste facility operators improve their solid waste management and planning, and coordinating household hazardous waste events for municipalities.
- Marc Morgan is the Solid Waste Manager for the City of Lebanon, NH. Marc has worked in the solid waste/recycling industry for more than 25 years with a focus on the development of recycling and waste reduction programs.

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