Ask Me Anything: Conference Workshop & Event

The following presentation was given at NRRA's 2022 Recycling Conference & Expo.

Have you ever wished you could ask all of your recycling questions to a panel of experts? Now is your chance! We will answer questions such as - what do those chasing arrows mean? Do egg cartons get recycled with paper or cardboard? Is recycling even worth it? This Ask Me Anything panel will answer ALL your pressing questions - from basic to expert - about recycling in New England.

  • Andrea  Folsom, Moderator and Communications Coordinator, NRRA, Epsom, NH
  • Reagan Bissonnette, Executive Director, NRRA, Epsom, NH
  • Bonnie Bethune, Senior Member Services Representative, NRRA, Epsom, NH
  • Brian Patnoe, Solid Waste Manager, Town of Lancaster, NH