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On Monday, October 18, NRRA Executive Director, Reagan Bissonnette, spoke at the Maine Resource Recovery Association Conference about NRRA's source separated glass recycling programs. Despite the challenges that exist with glass recycling in New England, NRRA has two successful programs that allow over 100 communities to recycle and reuse their glass, serving over 500,000 residents in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. The first, which accepts food grade glass bottles and jars only, sends glass to a vendor in Canada to be processed and later made into new glass bottles and jars and fiberglass insulation back in the United States. The second glass program involves crushes glass bottles and jars, plus materials like porcelain, Pyrex, and ceramics where allowed like in NH, into an aggregate to be used in infrastructure projects.

Both programs follow the same basic process, whether the glass comes from single stream, dual stream, or source separated...Read more


The New Hampshire Legislature has begun work for its 2022 legislative session. State Senators and State Representatives have filed what are known as Legislative Service Requests (“LSRs”) . An LSR is a simple proposal for a bill submitted by a member of the incoming Legislature that is later drafted into a detailed bill. Then bills are assigned to committees in the House or Senate and scheduled for hearings where members of the public may testify in support or opposition to bills. The following LSRs related to solid waste management have been filed, and NRRA will provide updates to members as LSRs become bills. Note: This article was updated November 8, 2021 to add the following LSRs: 2415 and 2561.

2022-2029 HB Title: establishing a committee to study landfill siting criteria and methods for reducing pressure on landfill capacity. Sponsors: (Prime) Judy Aron , Megan...Read more

This summer, HB 413 was signed into law, which established a NH Solid Waste Working Group to assist the NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) with planning for New Hampshire's solid waste future. Reagan Bissonnette, Executive Director, serves as NRRA's representative on the working group. Four NRRA members were also appointed to the group. The working group's first meeting will take place on Friday, October 29 at 9:30 AM at the NHDES Office at 29 Hazen Drive Room 208C Concord, NH 03301. NRRA will provide periodic updates for NRRA's members about the solid waste working group's activities.

Working Group Members

In addition to Reagan Bissonnette serving as NRRA's representative on the group, four NRRA members are members of the group. Municipal members include Brian Patnoe (NRRA board member) from the Town of Lancaster, NH representing rural communities with source-separated recycling, Duncan Watson from the City...Read more


It was blue skies over the Henniker, NH’s Recycling Center and Transfer Station for the October 13th Member Operations Marketing (MOM) meeting. Participants were eager to hear Senior Member Services Representative, Bonnie Bethune, review the recycling markets and feedback from NRRA vendors. Heather Herring, Member Services Representative, encapsulated a recent Trash On the Lawn Day in Bow, NH and offered to connect other municipal towns with this hands-on school program.

The blue sky and fall leaves were an idyllic background for a tour of Henniker’s facility led by Marc Boisvert, Facility Manager, and Deb Dimond, Facility Operator. Members met next to the four vertical balers that Henniker uses to bale cardboard, mixed paper, #1 PET and #2 HDPE plastics. They picked up some tricks of the trade on signage and upkeep of the facility, then talked about Henniker’s glass crusher and possible uses of the product. Bird houses decorated...Read more


The Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) will hold its Annual Meeting virtually this year on Wednesday, November 10 from 9 to 10:30 AM. Members will be able to join by video using Microsoft Teams or by phone only if desired. The meeting will feature a special presentation about current recycling markets by Chaz Miller, CEO Chaz Miller Associates and former Director, National Waste & Recycling Association. All NRRA members are invited to attend this free event.

Chaz Miller, Chaz Miller Associates

This Annual Meeting marks NRRA's 40th anniversary! The meeting will also include the presentation of awards to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our members and vendors over the past year. In addition, members will vote on new and renewing members for NRRA's Board of Trustees.

All NRRA members are invited to attend this virtual annual meeting. Each municipal member is entitled to only one vote,...Read more


Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) seeks a detail-oriented individual for the position of Office Assistant. This is a new position that will play a key role in supporting three departments in our office of ten people. The successful candidate will possess a degree and one year of related experience (or equivalent), have excellent organization and attention to detail, a desire to learn and excel while supporting multiple departments, and support NRRA’s mission to partner with communities to make recycling and waste reduction strong through economic and environmentally sound solutions.

This is a full-time position with benefits based at the NRRA office in Epsom, NH. NRRA is one of only a handful of nonprofits in the country that connects municipalities selling recyclable commodities with buyers of those recyclables. The Office Assistant will provide key administrative support for the Administrative Manager and support the work of all departments. Experience with providing...Read more

Want to know your community's cost per person per ton for recycling, landfilling, composting, and waste to energy? NRRA staff recently co-led a NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) Solid Waste Operator Training (SWOT) workshop for solid waste facility managers on full cost accounting methods for solid waste facilities that enable municipalities to make educated budgeting decisions. The workshop held on September 17 was NHDES' first SWOT class held in person since the pandemic began in mid-March 2020. During the hands-on workshop, attendees completed a full cost accounting model for their own community. The final results from the completed models share the cost per person per ton for four different waste management methods: recycling, waste to energy, landfilling, and composting. NRRA looks forward to providing similar full cost accounting technical assistance to qualified communities as part of its United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Utilities Service Recycling with Results...Read more

NRRA’s September Member Operations Marketing (MOM) meeting was held on a beautiful sunny morning at Walpole, NH’s Recycling Center and Transfer Station. The highlight of the meeting was a tour of Walpole’s new Reuse Center and other facility improvements led by Ben Hoy, Recycling Manager. The facility is known to have a hearty supply of volunteers to assist with its programs along with knowledgeable staff consisting of Patty Whitcomb, Shaena Hakey, and Tom Donovan.

The MOM meeting was held on a paved work area behind the facility, which is used to help with loading storage containers of baled recyclables. A concrete pad expansion was added for the municipal solid waste compactors to help in packing out compactors and switching them out when they are full.

Walpole’s Reuse Center was damaged in a storm when a tree came down on it. Luckily, no one was hurt. Walpole decided to...Read more


It was a beautiful day in New England and the sixth graders were curious about the waste audit on their playground. Heather Herring, Member Services Representative at the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA), was welcomed onto Bow Memorial School grounds by Principal Adam Osburn to hold NRRA’s first Trash On the Lawn Day (TOLD) since the pandemic began. Bow, NH High School Senior, Jessica Chamberlin, contacted NRRA with the idea to coordinate a TOLD to fulfill her senior project on waste and human impact. Funding was provided by New Hampshire the Beautiful and the Bow Parent Teacher Association.

Students and teachers conducted a waste audit of one day’s worth of waste from their school by sorting it into categories of trash, recyclables, food waste, and special collections (markers and highlighters). First, students weighed 16 bags of unsorted Municipal Solid Waste. Students wore nitrile gloves and masks and...Read more


Since last fall and in recent months, NRRA staff have been working to develop three potential new outlets for recycling glass through NRRA. One involves a new facility in Massachusetts for current NRRA vendor 2M Ressources, one is a brand new company being established, and the last involves an existing company opening a new facility to recycle glass. NRRA carefully vets potential vendors and staff have had numerous communications with these potential glass recycling outlets.

2M Ressources

NRRA currently works with 2M Ressources to send glass bottles and jars to their facility outside Montreal, Canada. 2M Ressources has opened a new facility in Hopedale, MA and looks forward to accepting glass bottles and jars from municipalities through NRRA in the near future. As described in a recent news article , 2M Ressources chose the Hopedale, MA location in part because of its proximity to a rail...Read more