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June’s Solid Waste Working Group meeting included an update on new food waste-related grants for municipalities, private entities, and businesses, an update about the NHDES Solid Waste Management Bureau’s work, and a presentation by NHDES about managing sludge and biosolids.

Representative Karen Ebel provided an update regarding legislation related to solid waste management. The most important update for NRRA members is that HB 462—which made an appropriation to the solid waste management fund targeting food waste reduction and diversion—was incorporated into the budget signed by the Governor. As a result, NHDES will be hiring a new full-time position to administer the Solid Waste Management Fund and issuing grants to municipalities, private entities, and businesses for projects that will “provide a demonstrated, significant improvement in waste diversion methods and contribute to a reduction of wastes, including hazardous waste materials, requiring disposal, including a regional or municipal materials...Read more


This month, Member Services Manager, Brian Patnoe, offers operators some insight into the #1 polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic slowdown.

If you've tried moving plastics in the past month, you might have noticed a long delay in getting prices or even moving plastic in general. While the plastics industry is very complex, I wanted to share some of the basic reasons why #1 PET plastic in particular has become particularly challenging to move.

Economic Basics

First, we have to look at the supply and demand of recycled PET. Right now, there is an overabundance of global surplus combined with a low demand. Though there are a few reasons for this, one of the biggest culprits can be found in the end use of recycled plastic.

PET is fairly versatile but is predominantly recycled back into new containers, clothing, or carpeting. However, cotton prices are currently down about...Read more


The full NRRA staff recently completed a day-long staff retreat, which began with a visit to the Weare, NH transfer station. The eleven staff members were greeted by Transfer Station Operator, Frank Baker, and Interim Public Works Director, Jason Fiske for a tour of the facility. Both Frank and Jason are relatively new to their respective positions, but it's clear they are both working hard to support and improve the transfer station and public works department. Frank made the transition to the transfer station after honing his organizational and people skills in the restaurant industry for several decades.

Weare, NH has approximately 9500 residents year round, with an influx of vacationers bringing the total to around 11,500 in the summer months. Thanks to Frank's focus on improving resident recycling education, the transfer station has seen a decrease of 20 tons per week of MSW being hauled out, down to...Read more


For the past ten months, NRRA Executive Director, Reagan Bissonnette, represented the recycling nonprofit while participating in the latest Leadership New Hampshire cohort. The mission of Leadership NH is, "building a community of informed and engaged leaders." Participants from across all sectors of NH came together in an opening retreat, several themed days throughout the year, a closing retreat, and graduation. One of Reagan's primary goals of participating was to share NRRA's mission, recycling education, and waste reduction resources with her fellow participants to increase the visibility and understanding of the importance of solid waste management, recycling, and diversion in New Hampshire.

During her first day in October 2022 , Reagan spent the day focused on the theme, “New Hampshire: A Community of Communities.” Participants heard from a variety of speakers from the UNH survey center, Stay, Work, Play, the documentary...Read more


In August 2022, NRRA was awarded a grant by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Utilities Service to launch a Recycling Tools of the Trade project . This project is aimed at helping to address the unique challenges small, rural communities in New Hampshire face when it comes to solid waste management. With support from this USDA grant, NRRA is developing several new resources for our smallest communities. One such resource, which debuted at the 2023 Annual Recycling Conference & Expo , is a Recycling 101 presentation . Feedback on the presentation was very positive, with residents and operators alike expressing that they learned something new from the presentation.

This Recycling 101 presentation was designed for NH residents to learn more about:

Solid waste and recycling across the country Recycling in...Read more
Welcome to part 2 of our Maximizing Your NRRA Benefits series.

In this section, we will cover education and technical assistance benefits. In case you missed it, part 1 covers the benefits of logistics and finance. (This was originally presented at the 2023 Annual Recycling Conference .)

In this section we will be covering education - both for operators and residents - and technical assistance for all Municipal Members.


If you are a principal operator in New Hampshire, per NHDES you must earn a minimum of 2.5 continuing education credits each year. NRRA hosts a variety of video presentations and in-person events that count towards this continuing education requirement. We keep track of which of our workshops, meetings, or other NHDES...Read more

The NRRA Board of Trustees welcomes the Windham Solid Waste Management District Programs Manager, John Fay , to the Board! We at NRRA are grateful for dedicated and experienced Board Members, such as John, who are committed to NRRA's mission of partnering to make recycling strong through economic and environmentally sound solutions. As Programs Manager, John works on implementing outreach and special wastes programing in southeast Vermont for the Windham Solid Waste Management District. Since receiving his M.S. in Resource Management and Administration from Antioch NE in the late 90s, he has worked as a solid waste consultant for DSM Environmental Services, Inc., Assistant Director for the Greater Upper Valley Solid Waste District, a middle school science and math teacher in southwest NH, an environmental analyst for the Vermont DEC solid waste program, and also a Permit Specialist with the Vermont DEC. John’s experience includes running commercial-scale composting operations, and...Read more
Are you a Municipal Member of NRRA?

Do you know about ALL the benefits your membership brings? Let's dive right in so you can maximize your NRRA benefits and use all the new tools now just a click, email, or phone call away! (This was originally presented at the 2023 Annual Recycling Conference .)

If you are already reading this, CONGRATULATIONS, you've made it to the NRRA website!

This is where you will be able to easily access a majority of your benefits. As a municipal member, you have access to cooperative marketing of your recyclables and technical assistance and education , services provided by our logistics & administrative, finance, member services, and communications departments.

Let's start with your latest load of recycling, to learn about the...Read more

by Hadley Barndollar, New Hampshire Bulletin

A Department of Environmental Services official told an audience this week he expects the next few years will be a “watershed time” for solid waste work in New Hampshire.

Speaking during the Northeast Resource Recovery Association’s annual conference on Tuesday, Mike Wimsatt, Waste Management Division director at DES, said his agency is on its way to becoming better resourced and more equipped to tackle an issue that’s gained much attention across the state in recent years.

Wimsatt spoke during a panel discussion alongside other members of the state’s Solid Waste Working Group , including Chair Rep. Karen Ebel and Steve Poggi, director of disposal operations at Waste Management, a leading service provider. The statutory committee was formed in 2021 and issued its initial report last fall .

“Unless you’ve been living under a trash can,”...Read more
This year at the NRRA Annual Recycling Conference we all had a bit of “Guessing” fun! NRRA reached out to members and vendors to supply samples or photos of the following:

#2 HDPE Natural Bale Picture from BCEP in Pittsfield NH

Polystyrene Ingot (brick) from Gilford NH Solid Waste Center

Plastic Film Bale Picture from Littleton NH Transfer Station

Mini- Aluminum Can Bale from Harding Metals in Northwood NH

Try your hand at guessing, then scroll down to find the answers! Guess the market value of a horizontal #2 HDPE Natural Bale Guess the number of bags to make the Expanded Polystyrene (#6 EPS) Ingot Guess the weight of the vertical Film Bale Guess the number of Aluminum Cans in a mini-bale

READY FOR...Read more