Technical Assistance

Municipal officials and solid waste operators often have questions regarding recycling trends, proper processing techniques or market specifications, but are unsure where to call to get the correct answer.  NRRA assists its membership by acting as a one-stop clearinghouse of information. NRRA's Member Services Team can assist members with questions or call on its vast network of municipal and state recycling coordinators to find the correct answer.  Here are some examples of assistance our team can provide to members.  

Cooperative Marketing:

  • Marketing trailer loads of loose or baled material; non-ferrous items
  • Current market pricing for materials combined or separated
  • HHW Events and Material Pickup
  • Contract Options

Cooperative Purchasing:

  • Storage Trailers
  • Baling Wire, Strapping, Strapping Seals/Clips, Gripples
  • Plastic Gaylords

General Technical Assistance:

  • Current market availability and pricing
  • Specifications for all materials
  • Existing  and new member program review
  • Information and specification sheets