North Country Furniture, Appliances, and Architectural Salvage Reuse & Donation Ideas

Key Takeaway: When passing along items, be sure they are in usable condition – if you wouldn’t use it, don’t assume someone else will. If it’s broken, smelly, overly stained, etc., it won’t be a good candidate for donation.  



Berlin, NH 

Odds and Ends and Other Things - 106 Pleasant St, (603) 752-4700 

Guardian Angel Thrift Shop - 153 Grafton St, (603) 752-2902 

Colebrook, NH 

Northern Treasures Thrift Store - 108 Main St, First Floor, (603) 331-2637 

Helping Hands North - 96 Main St, (603) 237-5891 

Franconia, NH 

Veterans2Veterans Group Thrift Store - 324 Main St, (339) 970-9547 

Groveton, NH 

Groveton Thrift Shop - 9 State St, (603) 636-2026 

Lancaster, NH 

New to You Consignments - 199 Main St, (603) 788-3377 

Littleton, NH 

Little City Thrift Store - 4 Porter St, (603) 444-3100 

Emma & Co. Consignment Boutique - 47 Main St, (603) 444-0304 

Little Red Wagon Consignment - 758 Meadow St, (603) 444-6308 

Whitefield, NH 

Our Corner Store - 4 Main St, (603) 837-8877 

Friends & Neighbors - 38 King Square, (603) 837-9044 



  • Reach out to local faith organizations to see if there is a need for the item you are looking to donate. 
  • Reach out to your town’s human services to see if your donation could help someone in town. 



  • Facebook Marketplace – can search by item, town, and how far you’re willing to travel (and price!) 
  • “Free for NH” Facebook group or local Facebook groups like “Lancaster, NH Online Yard Sale” 
  • Craigslist “New Hampshire Free Stuff” section 



  • Pemi-Valley Habitat for Humanity ReStore - 583 Tenney Mt. Highway Plymouth, NH (603) 536-1333 
  • Tillotson Trading - 10086 VT-25, East Corinth, VT (802) 439-6537 



Deconstruction is a process that involves carefully taking apart a building to reclaim usable items. You can donate or reuse anything from furniture, cabinets, doors, windows, flooring, etc. For more information, please visit the Center for EcoTechnology ( and RecyclingWorks MA (



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