Bottles Only Need a Rinse Before Recycling!

Text:  Plastic and glass bottles only need a rinse before recycling.  Photo:  A person washing a glass bottle.
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Today's Tip: You DO NOT need to wash those bottles and jars out before you recycle them!

Make sure you empty any standing liquid and give it a quick rinse (OR if you're conserving water and the jar had something thicker in it, like mayonnaise, you can just give it a wipe out instead!) and toss it into your recycling bin. That's it!

You don't have to scrub them, you don't have to put them through the dishwasher, just dump, rinse (or wipe), toss - and you're done!

NEXT LEVEL QUESTION: But what about the cap?

Great question! You will need to check with your recycler, recycling center, or transfer station - or keep your eyes peeled for signage at your drop-off location. Depending on the recycling vendor, some may want the caps on, some may want them off (sorry for the non-answer answer, recycling is just like that sometimes!)

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