Air Conditioner (AC) Separation

        One of NRRA’s scrap metal vendors is paying for intact, drained, air conditioners!

           Air Conditioners On Pallet

  • AC’s must be intact – no broken or partially stripped units accepted. Cord must be intact.
  • AC’s must be drained of refrigerant and marked as such by a licensed technician
  • Place AC’s on a standard size pallet
  • Stack AC’s up to 4 layers high
  • Shrink-wrap AC’s well to pallet to assure safe transport
  • Dehumidifiers are unacceptable
  • Contact NRRA when have 1 pallet or more (please indicate # of pallets)
  • If you have other non-ferrous items or car batteries to have picked up, these AC’s can be picked up at the same time
  • There may be a haul charge depending on your location
  • Pricing subject to change; revenue as of Oct. 2021 $.26/lb. x est. 1,175 lbs. = $305.00

Contact NRRA at or at 603-736-4401 for availability in your area