Start or Join your Town's Recycling Committee

Start or Join your Town's Recycling Committee with image of a smiling trowel
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It's no secret that town committees can be a lot of work - but they can also be a lot of fun AND create change for your community!
Maybe you'll bring along your new understanding of how increased recycling can help your town's bottom line (increased recycling can equal increased revenue!)
Maybe you'll bring a desire to protect our environment by decreasing carbon emissions through recycling.
You now know NOT to bring your eco-shaming! It doesn't work, it makes people feel bad, and it doesn't change JUST DON'T DO IT.
You know you're not in this alone! We've provided you with 4 months worth of tools, tips, and tricks when it comes to recycling. You've seen recycling myths busted, learned how to recycle everything from batteries to books, and examples of towns across New Hampshire who have also been Recycling Right.

You can now find it all in one place:

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