Talking Recycling at the Southern NH Planning Commission Annual Meeting

September 19, 2023
On September 8, NRRA executive director, Reagan Bissonnette, had the opportunity to speak at the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission (SNHPC) Annual Meeting at the Derryfield Restaurant in Manchester, NH. The theme of the night was Sustainability; Reagan was invited as one of four speakers on the topic.
Reagan began by talking about recycling and solid waste management in New Hampshire, highlighting tools for communities to strengthen their recycling programs, including grant opportunities and resources to educate residents about the economic and environmental value of recycling and waste reduction.
Twelve of the fourteen towns that are members of SNHPC are also members of NRRA, including Weare and Hooksett. To demonstrate that recycling really works, Reagan shared the environmental impact reports for Weare and Hooksett. She then explained where each of their commodities went, whether to a company in New Hampshire, New England, or further afield.
She shared examples of our new customizable recycling handouts and directed attendees to our Recycling 101 presentation for more information to answer commonly asked questions. Reagan also talked about the myth that the chasing arrows symbol on plastics means something is recyclable - it is only a clue.
Reagan enjoyed the opportunity to present along with Sam Evans-Brown, Executive Director at Clean Energy NH, Aubrey Nelson, Educator at NH Energy Education Project (NHEEP), and John Watts, Chief Executive Composter at Mr. Fox Composting. Sam shared how the Inflation Reduction Act & Bipartisan Infrastructure Law represents an incredible opportunity for NH communities to improve their energy efficiency and save money. Aubrey told the audience about the free resources that NHEEP has available to educate schools and teachers about energy and climate. Since we talk about Mr. Fox Composting often with our members, it was great to meet John and his wife in person and hear that they are planning to expand their operations soon.

Speaking with regional planning commission representatives is a great way to reach a new audience at our member communities to discuss recycling and waste reduction. We look forward to hopefully doing more of these presentations with planning commissions in the future!