Recycle Right Campaign: The Details

February 14, 2022

We have received a lot of interest and excitement about our new Recycle Right Campaign that is launching on April 18, 2022! (There is still plenty of time to sign up.) Because this is a new program, we thought it would be helpful to explain what exactly you'll see over the course of the 4-month campaign. 

You can access the campaign on our Facebook page and through our Instagram page.

The campaign will include:

  • Weekly social media posts
  • Videos
  • A bi-weekly newsletter (10 total over 4 months)
  • A dedicated page on the NRRA website that will host all posts and videos for future use
  • Instructions on how a town can run its own, locally-focused Recycle Right Campaign

Social Media Posts:

Wondering what type of social media posts we'll be sharing? Here are a few common themes you'll see each week:

  • Recycling Mythbusters - Do I have to remove tape from my cardboard boxes? Should I put my glass through the dishwasher before recycling? Do I need to remove paper labels from my cans? We will be answering these quick questions and more to help break down barriers - real or imagined - between residents and recycling.

  • Getting Started - This will be a Recycling 101 component of the campaign focused on starting and maintaining a recycling habit to encourage more residents to recycle. 

  • Recycling Education - Why is source separated recycling beneficial? What about cost savings? Here we will focus on the "why" behind recycling so residents have a better understanding about why their actions (or inaction) makes a difference. 

  • Examples of towns Recycling Right - nothing is better than seeing and celebrating other towns that are already doing things that work well when it comes to recycling. Boosting town "wins" better encourages residents to take action - or increase their actions - over time. You can see two example posts below.


We are working hard on putting together several short, animated videos that help answer the most asked question: What happens to my recycling once I toss it in the bin?  We are also holding three Ask Me Anything: Recycling Edition events that will be recorded and shared. Here are the videos we are currently planning on (subject to change):

Newsletter and Website:

The bi-weekly newsletter will be a roundup of the social posts and videos posted over the prior 2 weeks. You'll be able to share directly from the newsletter or save the images to share on your town's website or any town newsletter. Similarly, the website will host all content and suggested text for posts to make sharing easy now and into the future.

Goals of the Campaign: 

To recap, this Recycle Right campaign has three main goals:

  1. Encourage residents to recycle MORE - to establish and maintain a recycling habit and encourage others to recycle.
  2. Encourage residents to recycle BETTER - to stop "wish-cycling" and decrease contamination in recyclables loads
  3. Create an evergreen Recycle Right campaign that can be replicated and used in towns across New England with a focus on source-separated recycling. We hope this campaign can be used as a template for towns to use as needed time and again with residents. 

Check out the Recycle Right Campaign!

1. Download our Recycle Right Overview to share with anyone interested in learning more about the campaign.

2. Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to see the campaign in action!

3. Check out our Recycle Right resources, including posts, videos, instructions, and recommended Recycle Right campaigns to best suit your needs! 



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